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“Breeding Better”

Vet Repro is proud to be one of only a handful of specialist reproductive practices in the UK.

With the latest technologies and emerging techniques, Vet Repro offers a wide range of specialist reproductive services which can be tailored to meet the needs of you and your pet.

From routine breeding management to diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems, we aim to provide all responsible small animal breeders 

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

with the expertise and assistance they need to optimise the reproductive health of their pet.

We also welcome referrals from other vet practices and offer a remote consultancy service to assist vets in working up cases. Please see our ‘Vet Referrals’ page for more information.

Are you a breeder and need advice, or would you like to discuss if the procedures we offer are right for you and your pet? We’re friendly and would be happy to help.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Reproductive Services

Specialist veterinary reproductive services available at Vet Repro


For Breeders

Combining better fertility with responsible breeding



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“Breeding Better”

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Better Welfare

Welfare is of paramount importance to us and responsible breeding can make a difference.

By assisting welfare-conscious breeders and vets we aim to collectively improve the welfare of all breeds.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Better Results

We have the skills, expertise and precision to optimise your pet’s fertility and help them achieve reproductive success.

Combining better fertility with responsible breeding practices means healthy happy litters, which is the best result all round.

Female procedures

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Ovulation Timing

Identifying the point at which a bitch ovulates in her cycle is called ovulation timing. It is a critical piece of information when choosing when to mate;

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Transcervical insemination

Transcervical insemination has been proven to result in higher pregnancy rates and larger litter sizes than traditional vaginal artificial insemination.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Management of Seasons

Whether your bitch’s seasons are regular or irregular, there are a wide range of options available to postpone them – either briefly or for a prolonged period – without any lasting effects on future fertility.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice


Pseudopregnancy is a completely normal phenomenon. All bitches that don’t fall pregnant during their season, experience a period of pseudopregnancy.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Heat Induction

Heat induction is the advancement of a bitch’s season so it occurs sooner than would be anticipated based on her previous pattern of seasons.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Pregnancy Evaluation

Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound scan can be performed from around 21 days of gestation. It is quick and non-invasive.

Male procedures

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Semen Collection

Semen samples can be collected for analysis for the purposes of fertility assessment or to be processed for breeding.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Semen processing and shipping

Using advanced extenders to preserve the fertility of sperm for up to 10 days provides windows for transport options.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Semen Freezing

Semen samples can be frozen so that the sperm remain fertile indefinitely, allowing it to be stored for long long periods for future use, or shipped over great distances.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Semen evaluation

The only true marker of fertility is pregnancy, however, there are a range of characteristics we consider optimal for sperm and these are worth looking for when evaluating your dog’s fertility.

Other procedures

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Breeding soundness examination and certification

A certificate is available to owners of breeding animals to show an examination has been performed at a reproductive specialist establishment.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Animal Infertility investigations

We have the knowledge, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment needed to get to the bottom of every animal’s fertility conundrums.

Vet-Repro Specialist Reproductive Practice

Remote Consulting

We can review your animal’s full clinical history, discuss the case with your vet, and produce a written course of action.


“I’m very grateful to him for getting involved.”

“I contacted Rory Gormley from Portugal where I was having issues with my Labrador bitch and my vets had run out of ideas. He was super responsive and keen to help, even though I had in fact mistakenly called him on his mobile at 8.30am!

He worked thoroughly and swiftly with my vets out here over a period of a couple of weeks. It gave me a huge feeling of confidence that I was getting the best for my girl by being able to bring a specialist on board of the type that I was struggling to find locally.

His kind and attentive attitude was very much appreciated and it goes without saying that I’m very grateful to him for getting involved.”

Amanda Kelleher


November 2022