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About us
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RCVS & American Specialist in Veterinary Reproduction

Rory Gormley

Vet Repro was founded by reproductive specialist Rory Gormley in 2021.

After honing his skills in veterinary reproduction over 10 years in several parts of the world, he decided to start his own specialist clinic at home, enabling him to continue nurturing his passion from a company run with his own morals, principles and forward-thinking vision.

Rory is acutely aware of the problems associated with the pet breeding industry and believes the best way to improve animal welfare is through education.

With his mentorship and skills, Rory hopes to assist responsible breeders and vets achieve their goals but with one fundamental purpose in mind: the betterment of animal welfare.

We offer a wide range of reproductive services, as well as online remote consultancy, available to breeders and vets. We are also engaged in research with a view to improving animal welfare, as well as preserving rare breeds and endangered species.

Do you need advice, or would you like to discuss if the procedures we offer are right for you and your pet? We’re friendly and would be happy to help.