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Vet Referrals
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Cases we commonly consult on:

Whether you would like to physically refer a case to us or would prefer some remote consultancy on a case, please fill out a form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cases we commonly consult on:

Female patients:

• Ovarian Remnant Syndrome
• Subfertility/Infertility
• Infectious Causes of Abortion
• Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia-Pyometra
• Complex Management
• Abnormal Heats
• Persistent Vaginal Discharge
• Prolonged Anoestrus
• Heat Induction
• Heat Postponement
• Timing of Spay
• Pseudopregnancy Management
• Mammary Disease
• Inappropriate Lactation
• Intersex Disorders
• Ovulation Timing
• Caesarean Timing
• Late Term Foetal Viability Assessment

Male patients:

• Penile/Preputial Disease
• Cryptorchidism
• Timing of Castration
• Subfertility/Infertility
• Testicular Disorders
• Prostatic Disease
• Pharmacological Neutering
• Intersex Disorders
• Suboptimal Libido