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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Vet Repro Limited, trading as Vet Repro and referred to in this agreement as Vet Repro is a limited company incorporated in England & Wales under company registration number 13502668. Malton Equine is a division of Vet Repro Limited. A list of all members of Vet Repro is available at our registered office.

Vet Repro’s registered office is at 10 Town Street, Old Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7HB.

The following Terms & Conditions (T & C’s) outline the agreement under which we trade. By instructing us to perform services, or by purchasing or ordering of goods, you are contractually agreeing to Vet Repro’s terms of business, as detailed below. Our Terms and Conditions are deemed accepted by all clients on first registration with the practice. This is a legally binding contract between us and you.

How to communicate with us:

You can write to us at our registered office address (above), or

You can email us at

You can call us on 01653 507313 or 01653 507311.

Services We Provide:

Vet Repro provides veterinary care to small animal pets on-site an appointment-only Monday to Friday basis with a bias towards specialist reproductive care.

Vet Repro’s equine division (Malton Equine) provides veterinary services to owners or carers of equines:

– 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week service
– Highly qualified and experienced vets
– No outsourcing of emergency overnight care – this means in times of need you will only be dealing with familiar faces who you know and trust
– Planning and management of yard routine healthcare including vaccinations, dental care and worming (including worm egg counts)
– High quality and fully mobile x-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy for routine performance horse work
– Specialist reproductive services
– Full laboratory service and interpretation of results with same day turnaround for routine blood samples
– Some standing surgical procedures.
– Referral to a local RCVS accredited equine hospital, or to a hospital of your choice for complicated standing surgical procedures, surgical procedures requiring general anaesthesia, hospitalisation of a seriously ill horse, or advanced imaging (MRI, CT).

Vet Repro does not provide any services related to hospitalisation of any species, in-patient facility or care and does not take responsibility for services carried out by third party businesses such as laboratory and diagnostic testing. These services that we do not provide will be carried out by third party contractors identified by us as competent to fulfil a particular need.  The identity of such contractor will be agreed between us before instruction except in the case of clinical emergency in which case you agree to accept the reasonable opinion of your vet.

Client Relationship and our contract:

We will accept your request for our services when we have contacted you to arrange an appointment, or responded to your request to attend your premises. At that point, a contract will exist between us. By asking for us to attend, you are confirming that you have read these terms and accept their contents. If we are unable to accept your request, we will inform you and no charges will be applicable. While every effort will be made to supply the vet of your choice on each occasion, we reserve the right to send an alternative person subject to being suitably qualified based on availability and clinical need. The contract shall end when in the reasonable opinion of the vet, the treatment requirements are finished, or when you have notified us in writing that you wish it to end. In the latter case it shall end immediately.

At Vet Repro, the client relationship is considered of utmost importance. We are committed to providing a warm, professional and honest service to you as our client. In the interests of the care and treatment of your animal, we ask that you ensure that we hold your up-to-date contact details, and the details of any additional person(s) responsible for your animal. Please inform us of any change of ownership (new, sold or deceased) as soon as you can in order that we may best communicate with all individuals involved in the care, management, ownership and insurance of the animal. Please also make us aware of any other authorised agents that you have instructed to act on your behalf, or in your absence, with your animal(s).

Your Obligations

In order for Vet Repro to provide the level of service and competence that is reasonably required, you agree to adhere to the following obligations:

    1. Provide an unfettered right of access to the vet from time to time as required
    2. Co-operate with our vet in terms of any reasonable requirements
    3. Provide the vet with all and any information as is necessary to identify and provide for the correct treatment
    4. Follow all reasonable instructions of the vet in relation to the care of any animal
    5. Not to dispose of, and take reasonable care of any materials, medication or equipment left on site
    6. Ensure we are aware of any relevant clinical history
    7. Ensure that relevant owner/authorised agent details are kept up to date with our office
    8. Adhere to these terms and conditions


    All fees and charges are calculated on a time and materials basis unless written agreement to the contrary has been put in place. All prices are available on request.

    All professional fees, consumable and drug charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Details of our professional fees are available on request and a detailed invoice will be generated for each examination, procedure or treatment. Details of our fees are available from your vet and you are encouraged to explore the prices of treatment options prior to treatment being authorised. In the event that you do not do this you agree that your vet will determine the best cause of action based on clinical assessment. A detailed invoice is provided for every consultation, procedure or transaction. You should understand that if complications occur, or in the reasonable opinion of the vet further unforeseen treatment is necessary, the costs, which you will be liable for, may be in excess of those first expected.

    Out of hours (OOH) fees are charged when the Veterinary Surgeon is called out between the hours of 6pm and 8am, and on weekends between Friday at 6pm and Monday at 8am. Visit fees and consultations will incur an additional charge when requested outside of normal working hours.

    On occasion, we will incur a cost on your behalf (for example, testing at external laboratories) and these will then be invoiced to you accordingly.  You authorise Vet Repro to enter into a contract with such external laboratories on your behalf when agreed and is necessary in the reasonable opinion of the vet.


    Written estimates are available on request. Whenever possible, we will provide an estimate of any treatment required, but this will only be an approximate value. Understandably, investigation and treatment of accident, illness and injury does not follow a foreseeable standard course and therefore can result in further costs being incurred. We will endeavour to inform you of significant changes from those first estimated throughout the progress of each case.

    Invoicing and payment terms:

    To enable us to keep our fees at a reasonable rate, we need to ensure that payment of accounts are made on time. Delays in payments can cause cash-flow problems and we ourselves are required to meet our suppliers’ strict payment terms. We constantly invest in new equipment and technology thus ensuring the best service possible for our clients. Therefore, all clients are encouraged to pay at the time of treatment.

    All small animal appointments are strictly required to be paid for at the time.

    All newly registered equine clients will be strictly required to pay at the time of their first visits and/or until which time Vet Repro is satisfied that reliable payment will be forthcoming. Thereafter payment is required within 14 days of the invoice date.

    Certain services such as pre-purchase examinations (vetting examinations), castrations and first vaccinations require payment in advance. Any alteration in the service provided, for example if a blood sample is not taken because a horse fails a vetting, will be refunded to the client within 3 working days. An itemised invoice will be produced at the conclusion of an investigation and/or treatment, or every 14 days, whichever comes first. The conclusion of a treatment period is subject to veterinary surgeons’ opinion. When invoices are sent, payment terms are strictly 14 days. Vet Repro runs a paperless billing system and will email invoices to all accounts with registered email addresses. You agree to update the office with any changes of email address.

    All amounts due and invoiced will be paid in full without any set off, counter claim, deduction or withholding (other than as required by law).

    Payment methods:

    The following methods of payment are available:

      – BACS payment

      – Debit/Credit Card – please pay at the time using our mobile card machines, contact our office to pay over the phone or see the online payment facility on our website

      – Cash

      – Cheques should be made payable to Vet Repro

      IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not change our bank details for any reason and no payments should be made to accounts other than the account specified above. Payments to other accounts will not be accepted as satisfaction of any invoice from Vet Repro.

      Time is considered to be of the essence in relation to payment of fees.

      Late payments:

      In the event of payments not being made within the 14 day period of an invoice being issued, we reserve the right to charge interest on the outstanding sum. All outstanding accounts over 30 days will automatically be charged at a rate of 8% of the cumulative outstanding amount per annum accumulating daily. Any veterinary work required to be carried out during this period will require payment up front. If persistent non-payment occurs, the debt may be passed on to a debt collection agency. Further charges will be levied in respect of costs incurred in collecting debt necessary to obtain settlement of the full amount owed. These charges may include: the production of reports, calls, home visits, court or legal fees etc. Non-payment may result in court action.

      Inability to pay:

      If, for any reason you are unable to settle an outstanding account, or afford further treatment for your animal, we urge you to discuss this matter with us immediately. In exceptional circumstances instalments or part payments of any accounts may be arranged at our discretion. Such instalment agreements will not affect our statutory rights and a failure to maintain a payment plan agreed with Vet Repro will render all outstanding sums due immediately.


      Vet Repro supports the principle of insuring your animal against unexpected accident, illness or injury and asks that you contact your Insurance company once you are aware of a potential claim. It is advisable to give your authorisation for the Insurance company to discuss the claim with Vet Repro at this point.

      It is your responsibility to obtain the Insurance form, fill out the relevant section and pass it on to our office for processing. We will then submit the claim on your behalf. For animals involved in clinical work being claimed under an insurance policy, the client is asked to pay the policy excess within our terms of business.

      So long as the Insurance company has agreed the claim in principle and that you have not made advanced payment to us directly, we require that you instruct your Insurance company to pay Vet Repro Limited directly. To fulfil this requirement, you must ensure that your Insurance claim form is appropriately signed and all details are accurate.  You are responsible for any interest due on late payments as a result of your failure to provide the correct details to the insurance company.

      There are often fees incurred that are not covered by your Insurance policy (e.g. policy excess) and therefore you are liable for these costs. These costs, along with any rejected fees (from the Insurance company) will be payable by yourself to Vet Repro. Vet Repro accepts no liability should any claim be rejected (in part or full) and any outstanding Invoices must be settled in full.


      Vet Repro has obtained insurance cover in respect of our liability for individual claims not exceeding £1,000,000.  The limits and exclusions in this clause reflect the insurance we have obtained and you, the client, agree to ensure that you have your own cover for any loss that is in excess of this amount. Liability shall be taken to include every kind of liability arising as a result of, or in connection with this contract, tort (negligence) misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise.

      No attempt is made to attempt to limit liability for deliberate default and nothing limits any liability that cannot be limited including the death of a person, personal injury by negligence or fraud. Nothing in this contract shall limit you, the clients, liability under the payment obligations of this contract. The total liability of Vet Repro (subject to the above) shall not exceed (a) for loss arising from our failure to comply with data processing obligations, and (b) for all other loss or damage shall not exceed £2,500,000. Vet Repro is not liable for services, testing, reports or other opinions which are not performed by Vet Repro such as laboratory tests carried out by third parties even where arranged by Vet Repro on your behalf. Subject to the limitations set out above, the following types of loss are wholly excluded from liability under these terms: Loss of profit, loss of sales, loss of agreement or sales, loss of anticipated savings, loss of use or corruption of software data or information and loss or damage to goodwill.

      Unless you notify us in writing that you intend to make a claim in relation to an event within the Notice Period, we shall have no liability for that event. The Notice Period relating to any event shall start on the day that you became aware, or ought reasonably to have become aware of the event or its consequences, and shall expire three calendar months from that date. 


      All horses, ponies and donkeys are legally required to have a valid passport. Passports must accompany the animal during transport, and we will ask to check this at the time of examination. You must validate the passport to confirm if the animal is or is not intended for human consumption (this is often found in section IX in old passports and section II in new passports). In order for us to treat the animal according to clinical needs and to ensure that it does not enter the human food chain, the veterinary surgeon reserves the right to sign this as not intended for human consumption if presented unsigned. When exceptional circumstances mean that a passport is not available at the time of examination, clinical and medicine records are held securely by Vet Repro. This information is itemised on your invoice and should be kept for your records.

      Ownership of records:

      Clinical records and diagnostic images acquired during the course of clinical investigation and/or treatment remain the property of Vet Repro LLP and may be used for the purpose of clinical research and education.  You agree to such use. All information will be anonymised so that no client or animal name appears.

      Medications & Prescriptions:

      To legally comply with Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) regulations, Prescription Only Medicines (POM-V) can only be supplied (either directly or via written prescription) if the animals are registered with Vet Repro and have been examined by one of our vets. We cannot supply medicines or written prescriptions for animals that are not under our care. There is a charge for written prescriptions.

      For on-going conditions that require repeat prescriptions, the policy of Vet Repro is to re-assess animals a minimum of every 6 months. However, this may vary with individual circumstances.

      We kindly ask that 48 hours notice is given for repeat prescriptions to be prepared. We have to gain authorisation from the Veterinary Surgeon and ensure we have sufficient stock.

      Complaints Handling:

      At Vet Repro we are proud of our commitment to provide a high standard of veterinary and client care and we sincerely hope that you will never have the need to make a complaint. However, In the occurrence of a dispute or complaint, it is right and fair to have a complaints policy. If you are unhappy with the quality of care or service that you have received, we would kindly ask that you direct your complaint to one of the practice partners either in person, over the telephone or via email.

      We continually reflect on and improve our service so all views are welcome and we will endeavour to listen carefully to your concerns, investigate any issues and take appropriate actions to help create a more positive outcome for all our clients. We will respond within 5 working days and will inform you of who is handling the complaint along with when you would expect to hear back from us.

      Withdrawal of Veterinary Services:

      You have the right to stop veterinary treatment of your animal at any time. Vet Repro can also stop treatment if you do not accept the advice of the veterinary surgeon, fail to pay your account within the stated payment terms or if the law prohibits us from doing further work. In the event of the professional relationship (between Veterinary Surgeon and client) breaking down, Vet Repro reserves the right to withdraw veterinary services to a client. We will give 14 days notice and will transfer veterinary care (and all patient clinical history) to a practice of the client’s choice. You have the right to cancel any order or scheduled treatment provided the treatment has not already been carried out, or in the case of medicines, once they have left our control and supervision.

      Entire Agreement:

      These terms represent the entire agreement between Vet Repro and you unless amended in writing in accordance with the provision of these terms. Neither party shall be in breach of this agreement nor liable for any delay in performing any of its obligations under this agreement (save those in relation to payment) if such delay or failure results from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control. Your continuing instruction after receipt of these terms shall be taken as your acceptance of the contents and of the obligations therein.